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Greg is an experienced instructor and public speaker with a demonstrated history of working to transform educational practice. He trains law enforcement in digital reconnaissance, mentors graduate students in Instructional Technology and is focused on invoking and facilitating positive life and educational change.

Dr Greg Gerber

Speaker —— Professor —— Storyteller

Educating requires engaging curiosities and capturing attention through mastering the art of inquiry and storytelling. This is exactly what Greg brings as a conference keynote, corporate trainer, and as a classroom instructor.

Dr G is known for his ability to help others connect concepts and master their art of teaching, using technology to facilitate learning and public speaking, and engaging in technologically advanced digital internet sleuthing.

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From harnessing his inner-geek in support of law enforcement and protecting students online to elucidating the art and techniques of realigning educational practice paradigms, Dr Greg is an innovator who recognizes that the secret to large-scale change lay within the community of people who see the potential for a better world and ability-focused education.

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Some Feedback

What People are Saying

“Helping students and educators through engaging keynote and workshop presentations is central to Dr G’s vision. Greg’s presentations comprise some of the best professional development I’ve experienced in my 40 year teaching career.”
~Victoria Teacher, Tom S

Educators engaged

Greg is bright and knows how to adapt by reading his audience… thoughtful and very well-suited to take on new challenges and has a deep understanding of the educational and political contexts within British Columbia.”

~Maple Leaf Schools Director, Dr Peter Froese

…positive energy seeps from his pores… he is a very honest person, and says things in love … people are touched by his joy, his patience and his understanding…”

~SD 27 Principal, Yvonne Davis

Greg brings such delightful enthusiasm and humour to any situation… a team player… and is an insightful, inspiring, and entertaining speaker!”

~SCSBC Executive Director, Ed Noot